LIMYEE New Products Appear at the Factory Digital Forum - Wuhan railway station, China

On March 30, the Industrial Control Network National Factory Digital Upgrade Solution Tour Seminar (Wuhan railway station, China) was successfully concluded. LIMYEE  Technology, together with a number of industrial tablets, Industrial PC and embedded board products, presented a wonderful "feast" of industrial products for automation enterprises and system integrators in Central China.



This time, multiple industrial products showcased by LIMYEE  were independently developed by LIMYEE  Company, with beautiful and atmospheric product IDs. Compared to the industry's "common mold" approach, LIMYEE  has made great efforts in shell design. The products not only have a significant improvement in aesthetics, but also have been specifically designed and developed for industry pain points such as machine heat dissipation, anti-interference, assembly process, etc., to meet the stability of the products in various harsh environments.


LIMYEE  Industrial Products


According to the product needs of different fields, LIMYEE  Industrial's complete products can be customized for development. This is thanks to LIMYEE 's 14 years of technical accumulation in the industrial embedded field. From product project approval, research and development testing, production and sales, and supply chain management, LIMYEE  has a complete set of scientifically standardized operating processes, which maximize the satisfaction of customers' customized needs for products.


After this seminar, LIMYEE 's national offline tour activity is still ongoing. Let's look forward to April, when we meet in Chongqing (4.8-10 Higher Education Exhibition, 4.19-201 China Retail Exhibition) and Chengdu (4.26-28 Chengdu Industrial Expo). LIMYEE  will never be separated from you!



In the future, LIMYEE  will continue to accelerate its pace, continuously cultivate product technology, and provide excellent product solutions for our customers.