Business Display Solutions
Scheme Introduction
With the vigorous development of intelligent industries such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and new retail, the demand for commercial display products is strong, and the interaction and link between people, things and things, and cities will be more intelligent,
Commercial display devices have evolved from single dimensional intelligence to more dimensional intelligence.
LIMYEE 's Tigre Lake series motherboards are based on Intel Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Comet Lake, and HM579 chipsets,
Featuring strong performance, ultra-thin, multi display, ultra-low power consumption, high-definition decoding, support for 4K, large screen high-definition playback, etc., it can provide standard OPS interface,
Mini PCIe supports mSATA/Wifi/3G/4G and is suitable for multimedia information publishing systems such as digital signage, interactive self-service machines, medical terminals, electronic whiteboards, commercial all-in-one machines, advertising machines, and more.