Industrial Manufacturing Solutions
Scheme Introduction
LIMYEE Launches Multiple Industrial Grade Tablets and Embedded Industrial Computer Products , Utilizing leading solution design capabilities, integrating high-performance software and hardware platforms, helping customers achieve digital upgrades and support enterprise development.
With the accelerated development of the global industry 4.0 era, enterprises' demand for intelligent terminals such as industrial control equipment, industrial tablets and Industrial PC is constantly increasing.

Especially in industries such as automation equipment, factory production lines, power, smart education, smart healthcare, visual monitoring, logistics sorting, etc., it has become the mainstream demand, and higher requirements have been put forward for the computing performance, compatibility, and reliability of hardware platforms.
LIMYEE has launched multiple new industrial complete machines and tablet products with strong computing performance, rich configurations, rich expansion interfaces, as well as high-definition display, ultra-low power consumption, vibration resistance, impact resistance, dust prevention, anti-static and other characteristics, widely used in industries such as industrial automation, environmental monitoring, wind power generation, 3D machine vision monitoring, etc.