Network Security Solutions
Scheme Introduction
With the rapid development of computer technology, information networks have become an important guarantee for social development.
In the process of information transmission, there are many sensitive information, even Classified information. Therefore, it is inevitable to attract various human attacks from all over the world (such as information leakage, information theft, data tampering, data deletion and addition, Computer virus, etc.).
At the same time, network entities also need to withstand tests such as floods, fires, earthquakes, electromagnetic radiation, etc. This puts forward higher requirements for the computing performance, network performance, reliability, compatibility, stability and other technical indicators of network security equipment hardware platforms.
Lingyi has launched multiple network security dedicated motherboards and embedded network security computer products based on the Intel chip platform, which have high performance, low power consumption, and strong network performance. The products are characterized by industrial grade workmanship, stability and reliability, anti-interference, and anti-static support for multiple power inputs,
Assist enterprises in building network security capabilities and building network security platforms.